Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This Post Is Off The Nerd Charts...

I was out with the kids today and Garrett found some of the new Marvel Superhero Squad figurines. I've been getting them for him every few weeks because, well, they're really cool. They're also very sturdy (they take a beating and barely get scuffed, let alone scratched) and are pretty cheap (~$7-8 for two figures).

They're also great as Garrett has been having all sorts of adventures with them in the house. I got him a Symbiote Spider-Man and Doc Ock figure today and he was having Doc Ock sing a song and Spidey was getting mad because he didn't like the song.

Yeah, Garrett's got a good imagination :)

Anyway, I almost didn't get Garrett the figurines today because I've been trying to cut back on them except that he found the one figure I've been trying to find for my own collection.

Behold: Tiny Deadpool!

I wish it had come with Cable but I'm just happy to have finally found the Deadpool figure. He's now hanging out on top of my monitor with my Elebit and Cthulhu plushie.

Edit: Eek. I just found that there is a checklist online. Oh lordy...

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