Monday, May 05, 2008

Hooray For Spring!

When we got home from church yesterday, I got the bug to go out and slay some dandelions. I dug out the +1 Vorpal Prong of Weeding from the bowels of the shed (no small feat) and got a surprising amount of dandelions extracted from our front and back lawns.

Well, I don't know if I should call our front yard a lawn. There is some grass there, but 3-4 tufts of grass don't really constitute a lawn. What we do have is an overabundance of moss. I mean it. If you step on our front yard, it's almost springy, that's how much moss there is out there. What infuriates me is that I wanted to have moss in the cracks in the paving stones in the back yard and all that grows there is grass. If I could somehow convince the moss in the front yard to trade places with the grass in the back, I'd be a happy guy.

While I was digging for the weeding prong, I ended up pulling out the trampoline and the climbing fort so that got set up yesterday too. The nice thing is that there's actually somewhere for the kids to play in the backyard now and they spent most of today (when we weren't at the early year's center) out back exploring and fiddling with the toys.

It's funny to watch Kara try to do what Garrett does. When he was bouncing on the trampoline, she'd stand on the patio stones and bend her knees like she was bouncing :)

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