Monday, May 19, 2008

My Poor Retinas!

So I took Garrett out to be tested to see if he's susceptible to photo-sensitive epileptic seizures... by which I mean I took him to see Speed Racer. I'm happy to say that he made it through the movie with nary a twitch.

This is one of the quieter, more subdued scenes in the movie...

It was a fun movie but it's by no means perfect. Almost the whole first hour is take up by people talking... and talking... and talking some more. We invited one of Garrett's friends (and his dad) to come with us and they ended up leaving the movie after about 45 minutes to an hour of the blather... which is a shame, given that almost right after they left, the driving started in earnest.

The latter half of the movie was an exercise in mind-numbing, over-the-top driving coupled with absolutely insane stunts and a monkey driving a car. Seriously. I honestly think that most of the racing sequences are what Garrett must see in his head whenever he plays with his cars. It's like the most mind-bendingly elaborate Hot Wheels play set brought to life with a background of colours lifted from a fever dream on acid. I think they actually invented colours for this movie.

All in all, Garrett seemed to really like it (he was seen playing in some laundry hampers tonight and being Speed Racer, plus he was chasing Kara around the play set tonight for his 'race') and that's what matters. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have kids (and skip the first hour of the movie) or are a HUGE Speed Racer fan though.

My head has been hurting for the past few hours... I think it wasn't until about an hour after the movie that my eyes could properly register the images that were imprinted on them and the slow process of sending all of that visual stimulation to my brain has done a number on my head.

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