Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Have Offended The Ghost Of William Howard Livens

I am so livid right now.

I sat around all day today waiting for these idiots to show up and take my broken dishwasher away. They were supposed to come between noon and 6pm. I even called before the 6pm time to make sure they were coming.

"Yes sir, they have you on the list. You'll have to wait until after 6pm before I can call the driver."

I wait until 6:01pm. After spending 15 minutes on hold waiting for them to track down the driver, they hang up on me.

So I call back, get a nice lady who only has me on hold for about 5 minutes... only to inform me that I wasn't on the list for pick-ups today.

Oh, and did I mention that they called last night night to confirm that they were coming... TWICE!


Oh, and they only do pick-ups on Wednesday, which means that now I have to wait until NEXT Wednesday for this bloody dishwasher to be removed from our sight. I moaned, I kvetched, I grumbled, I even asked if there was someone else for me to yell at and it all came down to the same thing.

"They only do pick-ups and deliveries on Wednesdays. You'll have to reschedule."

Even my (admittedly hollow) threats of hauling it out to the curb for garbage day tomorrow were met with unusually serious replies of, "You can't do that sir. It's scheduled to go back to the warehouse."


*deep breaths Brock... deep breaths*

To make matters worse, I tried to call the store to see if I could at least yell at the slugs in the appliance section who have been the only humans I've been able to deal with in this whole process and, of course, both of the appliance people that we've dealt with aren't in until tomorrow, by which time my rage will likely have subsided.

I seriously want to just lug this stupid dishwasher out to the curb for garbage pick-up tomorrow. Or say, "Fine, you don't want it? I'm keeping it for free."

I'm usually pretty calm, cool and collected, but I just want to start putting my fist through a few walls right now. Or that dishwasher...


It IS already pretty dented... :)

The people at the call center did offer me compensation so I'm going to mention that tomorrow when I call and yell at the people at Zellers.

Lesson learned: Never buy an appliance at Zellers.

The sad thing is that if the dishwasher hadn't arrived all destroyed and such, I'd have been more than happy to recommend them. This whole scenario since we found the dents has been an exercise in near zen-like patience on our part, and I've finally had it.

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