Friday, April 02, 2004

April Fool's Roundup

Today was probably the best April Fool's day ever from my Pranker perspective.

First off, I didn't really do anything to Julie except play around with her mind. I knew she'd be reading my blog when she got up and thus start trying to figure out exactly what I did... which was nothing...

Of course, I played it up for at least an hour while she kept pestering me this morning and went back and forth between thinking that I really had done something one minute and then that I was just pulling her leg the next... mwahahaha...

Now, the BIG PRANK came in the afternoon when I was at work. I'll set the scene for you first.

They are starting a new program in our region sometime this year. Since March 31st is the end of our fiscal year, we had to store a lot of their stuff in our garage while we wait for them to get our new house. So there's a lot of stuff in there right now.

Ok. The scene is now set.

When I got into work this afternoon my manager called me and told me that I had to call the lady at the district office responsible for doing all the purchasing for the house. She wanted me to tell her that someone had left the garage door open overnight and several items were missing.

I proceeded to do this and got the lady's voice mail. Now, I'm the master of messages on voice mail, so I left a rather urgent one stating that several items, including a TV, were taken sometime overnight and that my manager wanted to talk to her right away.

I then called my manager to tell her what I'd said on the voice mail to make sure we had our stories straight if she called back.

About 2 hours later I get a call from my manager, who has the lady at district office on the 3-way call. The lady said she was feeling just sick that this happened and questioned me as to what exactly happened, what was missing, the whole nine yards.

My manager and I played along for about 5 minutes, acting as concerned and worried as the lady obviously was and definately ruining her day. I mean, she was going to be coming down to the house the next day with all her receipts (which she'd dug up) to itemize everything, incident forms were going to have to be filled out, an investigation may be pending... This was definately a big deal!

It was a great testament to ad libbing if ever there was one, since we were just making it up as we went along :)

So after toying with her for 5 minutes and just ruining her entire day, if not week, we finally decided that it was time to end her suffering.

My manager: "Brock, tell her."
Me: "Ok. What day is it?"
Lady from district office: "Thursday, April Firs... OH YOU GUYS!!! AAAAARG!!!"

We all laughed... She said that she'd fallen for it even though she'd been warned that I'm a practical joker by one of the staff from the other house... Mwahaha...

But now I'm worried that I'm going to get something really nasty dropped on my head when I least expect it :)

Nothing like causing an ulcer with the higher-ups at the district office and being able to get away with it :)

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