Sunday, June 29, 2008


We went to Ikea today and got a few new things for the house. My favourite purchase was the Poang footstool which is a perfect compliment to the Poang chair that I sit in while gaming.

I also snagged a little stool for using when I play the drums on Rock Band. I think it was only $3.99 which is a much better price than the 'Rock Throne' drum stool I've seen at EB for $29.99!

We also got another Benno shelf so I can get some of the DVDs and games off the floor and other stacks. And, in what I hope will be the cure to the incessant mess that consumes our living room, we got this funky storage unit.

Hopefully this'll help.

Oh, and I made sure we came home with a stuffed pillbug. How could I resist?

The best part about the trip was that Garrett was finally able to play in the ball room. He couldn't when we went there before Kara was born but he got his fill today!

By the way, we would never have been able to get home with our stuff in the Kia. I love the new car.

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