Friday, June 20, 2008

Is It A Car? A Van? A Can?

Come to Crazy Garrett's Used Car Emporium!

He'll take your old junker away!

And give you a BRAND NEW CAR!

Yes, after minutes of painstaking research, we decided to buy a Mazda 5 on Monday. Today was the day we got to say, "Sayonara!" to the Korean Monstrosity that was Julie's Kia Spectra and say, "Bonjour!" to the oh-so-delightful (and spacious) Mazda 5. We're still trying to come up with a name for it... As far as Garrett's concerned, it's the Car With No Name...

If nothing else, it's nice to have a vehicle that you can actually store and ship things in. The fact that it doesn't sound like it's about to rattle apart whenever you're idling is quite a bonus too.

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