Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Bothers Day

We were calling Father's Day Bothers Day at work today because it seemed like everyone was doing their best to bother everyone else :)

Garrett had some interesting one-liners lately. When I came home from work, I walked into the kitchen to see that he had all of his super hero toys arrayed in formation to fight his Mark 1 Iron Man toy. Of course, he wanted ME to be Mark 1.... I wonder if that means something.

Last night at bed time, we could hear Garrett's voice coming in from the backyard, which meant that he was standing on his bed and yelling out his window. I went up to give him a talk about the dangers of leaning against window screens and that he had to be careful otherwise he might fall out and hurt himself.

A thoughtful look passed across his face and he said, "But if I fall out, I can just flap my wings and fly."

As much as I like to encourage a healthy imagination and fantasy life in Garrett's noggin, I had to lay a bit of reality down on him this time as I don't really want him taking swan dives out of his second story window.

Garrett has also coined a term for what I hope is NOT his sport of choice. He was out in the back yard and we weren't sure whether he was saying that he is ready for biking or fighting... It turns out he was ready for both, as he was going 'fiking'.

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