Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Garrett!

It's Garrett's 4th birthday today... yeesh... I can't believe he's already old enough to sign up for Kindergarten this fall.

We had a McDonald's birthday party this weekend for him. It was pretty fun and all that was missing was a visit from Ronald McDonald himself (I guess Ron was out choosing prime Scotsmen for the Angus burgers) but it was good nonetheless.

Garrett and his crew are rollin' into Playland, McHomie style.

The gang digs into the birthday feast.

Queen Kara enjoys the feast from her lavish throne.

Garrett got a pile of Hot Wheels tracks from everyone and he's been spending the last few days playing with them all. Good times.

Today's his actual birthday and his friend (who couldn't make it to the party on the weekend) is taking him to McDonald's for supper, so don't be surprised if the next picture I take of Garrett is of a giant chicken mcnugget wearing his clothes.

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