Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Day Of Meatings

What a busy, busy day today was. I had a meeting at work in the morning and then a meeting at night for the condo board. That wouldn't be so bad but this was basically the seventh day that I've worked in the past 8 days (I had Friday off) and I was really hoping that my work meeting was going to be short.

It wasn't.

I was really hoping my condo board meeting was going to be short.

It wasn't either.

That said, unlike many, MANY of the meetings I've sat through in the past, both of the meetings today were quite productive and worth the length of time I sat in them, so it wasn't a waste of a day.

Today was also a day full of meat.

I picked up some WagJag coupons back in November or so for the Hungry Hollow Smokehouse & Grille in Georgetown and was able to use one of them today. Man, oh man, is that place ever great. If you like meat at all, get ye there. I had the Dream Burger, which was a 1/4 pound burger topped with bacon, cheese and a big pile of pulled pork. I had it at around 3 this afternoon and I was still stuffed when I headed over to my evening meeting at 7. The prices are also incredibly cheap. Most of the sandwiches were in the $6-7 range (with sides) and that burger was only about $10. Delicious, delicious stuff.

And the last pile of meat for today came in the form of my dinner which I had when I got home around 10pm or so. We had some leftover pot roast from M&M's this evening and I finished off my day scarfing down that yummy hunk of cow.

Suffice it to say, I've spent most of the afternoon/evening/night in a bit of a meat hangover, but man, it was worth it :)

Now to eat healthly food for the rest of the week. Mmm... triscuits...

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