Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Soup Du What?

On Sunday evening, we managed to finagle a babysitter and Julie & I went out to Kitchener (ptooey!) for her father's retirement dinner. It was a very nice evening and the food was top notch.

The only thing that was strange was the soup. Given that we had a choice of three appetizers, two of which were salad, I knew I was going to end up with the soup du jour. I prayed and wished that it would be something like Potato Leek or Beef Barley and figured that I'd end up having to order Cream Of Broccoli or some such foul concoction.

Then the waiter (yes, we ate somewhere fancy enough to have waiters, not servers) announced that the soup of the day was... wait for it...

Cold watermelon soup.

I think the sound of a table full of necks cracking as they did a double-take drowned out all conversation for a few seconds.

After I regained my composure at being blindsided with the strangest soup I had ever heard of, I decided to chance it. Not being a fan of cold soup in general (I usually would stick it back in the microwave, thanks), I didn't know what to expect. Imagine my surprise when the soup was actually very good! I think it had some mint in there somewhere and it was overall a very pleasant bowl of, well, puréed watermelon and a few mystery spices.

So happy retirement Ralph, and may you have many bowls of cold watermelon soup now that you're finished working!

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