Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

I wonder how many gamerpoints that's worth?

We went out and had breakfast first thing this morning. Unfortunately, Smitty's was closed (doh!) but we stopped at this little family restaurant in Georgetown that was open and had a yummy breakfast. It's kind of strange to be out and about and back home before 9:30am...

Spent the morning attempting to start one of the various lawnmowers in the board shed so I could do some yardwork on the common areas. After about half an hour of yanking on the pull-cords of various yard implements, I gave up and just used my push mower to mow our own front lawn. I also did a lot of weeding (those triffids won't take over my yard!) and put our fancy new solar lights up in the front of the house.

Julie took care of rearranging a large portion of the house while I was outside getting mad at small engines. It's amazing how much difference it makes when you move a few (large) pieces of furniture around and get the toys all arranged in one spot!

Happy Canada Day everyone! May it not rain long enough for you to be able to see some fancy fireworks.

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