Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stupid Sleep

Why is it that on a night like tonight, after having just worked a 16 hour day and faced with the prospect of having to be up at 6am to head to work... Why is it that on a night like this, I AM UNABLE TO SLEEP!?!

I'm not tired in the least. I'm sure I'll conk out once I go to bed, but I'm in that sort of jazzed-up wide-awake mode where I don't feel tired, either mentally or physically.

What drives me nuts is the knowledge that tomorrow night I'll be nodding off at 10:30pm and I'll probably be a zombie all day Monday and Tuesday (my days off). I never seem to be wide awake on the nights when I have nowhere to be the next day and can actually sit down and read or play some games. Those nights are the nights when the narcolepsy kicks in. It's only on the nights when I have to be somewhere first thing in the morning that I get ye olde insomnia.

Oh well. I'll just go and read for a bit and then see how exhausted I am in the morning. Grumble grumble grumble...

Come to think of it, it was probably the sheer awesomeness of the aforementioned Battlestar Galactica episode that has me zipping. Mmmm... intra-atmospheric FTL jumps always wake me up.

At least my blog gets a few new updates. Woo!

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