Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Garrett is SPIDERMAN!

Tony was in Toronto this week and we went down to the Science Centre for the Marvel Super Hero Science Spectacular exhibit.

It was very cool. Garrett loved the spider silk swings, the Daredevil alley and the Iron Man car-lifting simulator.

He also found out that HE IS SPIDERMAN!
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There was also this thing where you could trigger the area in the brain that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk and that's what we ended up doing the most. Fun the first time... not so much the 33rd time...

There was also this pretty snazzy infrared camera showing how hot people were as they walked by the Human Torch display.

There was a really weird goth dude who kept staring at it and doing weird things like roll up his sleeves, etc. while looking at the IR feed. I think he was amazed that he wasn't showing up as a vampire. Then Garrett would walk up the stairs behind him so he could see himself on the display. Nothing like a little 2-year old on thermal vision waving to the creepy goth dude to ruin whatever weird gothy vibe was going on :)

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. Tony & I were pooped after walking around with Garrett and going to all the different displays. Garrett had to be dragged kicking and screaming from this musical display where he could play with a little plastic guitar and watch himself on TV while all sorts of funky effects streamed by. Sigh.

Thanks, Tony, for the tickets! 'Twas fun!

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