Friday, October 20, 2006

I Hate Luke

My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Luke, won an Xbox 360 off the Pepsi/Doritos "Win Every Hour" contest the other day. Grr. I had received an e-mail about it a little while ago but never gave it a second thought as I don't tend to drink Pepsi or eat Doritos.

But first Luke goes and wins the 360 and then he has to mention that you can get a free pin every hour to enter the contest. So I ended up staying awake FAR too late last night waiting for every hour to expire so I could get a new pin number and enter a new draw.

Thus far, no wins. But seeing how the contest runs for another 2 months, I'm going to be busy entering this thing as often as possible.

And no, I'm not giving any links because I'm greedy and want to keep all the pin numbers to myself!

Oh, and Luke, if Anne decides that she doesn't want that loathesome piece of tech in her house, I'm sure I could give it a nice berth next to the other consoles here at my place :) I'll promise not to correct her spelling for a month!

What I'm Reading: Proven Guilty, a pile of comics, The Watchmen
What I'm Playing: Bully, Contact (hopefully), Yakuza
What I'm Watching: Firewall or Fun With Dick & Jane

turn off your computer and make sure it powers down
throw it in a 43-foot hole in the ground

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