Friday, September 17, 2010

Udder Chaos

So today I sacrificed what would have been a delightful day of staying home doing sweet bupkiss and instead volunteered to corral chaperone a gaggle of kids from Garrett's Grade 1 class over to the Acton Fall Fair for 2-3 hours.

I had 5 boys with me for the day (Garrett was one of them) and truth be told, we had a good time. They were surprisingly compliant and not TOO rowdy and were pretty happy to pet a pig, watch a cow get milked and play Zombie Tag in the indoor soccer arena.

I think I had them all convinced by the end of the day that if they kept fiddling with the stuff on the midway games, the carnies would come along, hang them off of the back wall of the booth and they'd have to wait for their parents to come and win them if they ever wanted to go home again. That seemed to get the little blighters to keep their hands where they belonged :)

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