Friday, September 03, 2010

Kefka: A Tribute

Ah, late night insomnia. At least I can attempt to sleep in tomorrow.

Whilst perusing the internet and catching up on a week's worth of comics, I came across this on Real Life Comics. Greg Dean, the artist (and fellow fan of all things Final Fantasy), is explaining why Kefka is the greatest Final Fantasy villain of all time. And without further ado, I ask your forgiveness for posting what may be one of the nerdier quotes I've posted in quite some time. Oh, and I apologize for the slightly salty language.

"Some might wonder why Kefka, and not Sephiroth. Here's the main thing with Sephiroth. Was he an awesome villian? Undoubtedly. But despite the fact that he was willing to sacrifice the planet for his own goals, he had a pretty good reason for doing so: He found out that he was an abomination, and the entire world was pretty much his enemy. You could SORT of identify with him "F**k me? No, F**k YOU." A badass, to be certain, but part of me felt that he was more or less just misunderstood. You kinda liked the guy... even though he killed Aeris.

Kefka, though? Kefka was f***ing INSANE. Bat-shit crazy. "I'ma wear clown makeup out in public, and poison an entire city's water supply just so we can overtake the castle! BWAAAA-HAHAHAHA!" And then, when you're up in the floating continent, he boots the emperor off of it, and starts pushing the mystic statues around willy-nilly, RESHAPING THE ENTIRE WORLD, killing perhaps millions of people and making himself a god in the process. Does he stop there? Sh*t no! Every now and again he sends down a beam of light to smite any who don't do as he pleases!

Does he do all this because of some percieved injustice? Does he do this because he has some sort of emo mommy issues? No, he does it because he's a f**king LUNATIC, and that, right there, is why Kefka is the GREATEST FINAL FANTASY VILLAIN OF ALL TIME."


Anonymous said...

i believe Terra has green hair and Sabin isn't an obese 35 yr old man

Anonymous said...

correction my dear boy...terra's hair was actually intended to be blonde!!! and who cares If a 35 year oldpotbellied dude portrayed sabin..I'd ike to see you do better...nice work..bravado!!!!- eon