Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Circle Of Life (Down The Toilet Bowl)

As I was getting ready to help Garrett get changed for bed tonight, I casually asked him how Gilbert was doing. Gilbert is the goldfish he got as a... prize? Parting gift? Loot bag thing? I'm not sure, because he supposedly got this fish from a friend who was supposed to invite him to a party but didn't and then they got it at the fair or something... I honestly have no idea how this whole thing worked out, but suffice it to say, Garrett got a goldfish and named it Gilbert.

So I go over to look at Gilbert and see that he's just kind of sitting there. Not belly-up, mind you, but looking rather... sedentary. I thought I saw a bit of movement, so I decided to try to drain out the water and replace it with fresh, oxygenated water. Alas, all this did was clean off poor Gilbert so that he had a less deathy corpse. Garrett must have known that things weren't looking good for his fishy friend and was sobbing for a good 20 minutes while I did my best to revive Gilbert.

I did have Garrett pour Gilbert into the toilet once he got to a point that he had accepted his demise. And Garrett was able to do the deed and pull the lever that sent little Gilbert to fishie heaven.

Of course, Kara was just sitting there, narrating the entire ordeal like the little sociopath that she is :)

Garrett eventually regained his composure and I think he'll be ok, but man, that was rough to watch, esp. after having been away for most of the week. On the upside, later on tonight Garrett was able to yank out his second front bottom tooth and should have a visit from the Tooth Fairy shortly, so hopefully that will help offset the trauma of losing Gilbert.

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