Monday, October 05, 2009


So I finally took some initiative today and decided that rather than thinking about maybe, sometime, you know, hopefully kinda getting around to cleaning the toxic waste dump that is the fish tank, I'd actually do the deed and get that mess cleaned up.

I just spent an hour or so up to my elbows in year old fish poop and god knows what else only to discover that sometime during the cleaning process I'd managed to crack the tank. Grr!

We're only talking about a 5 gallon tank and I think I might have found it at the curb a few years ago, but I was still hoping to get the tank set up and running in the basement where this time, I mean it, I was going to take care of it and maintain it like it needed to be maintained instead of letting it turn into algae central.

Now to decide what to do next. I'm going to get a proper filter, heater and light system for the next tank I get but I'm not sure whether to stay small or go to a 10 gallon. Of course, Garrett wants me to put an Angler Fish in whatever tank I end up getting, so we'll see. I could go salt water, though those are pretty expensive...

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