Thursday, October 08, 2009

Got Some Pretty Big Stones

Well, this day off isn't going as swimmingly as I hoped.

I took today off because, well, I seem to have worked almost every hour humanly possible in September. I managed to clock up 10 hours of overtime last week alone. So I took today off in the hopes of getting the kids off to school and the sitter, curling up on the couch and playing a bunch of Demon's Souls or Muramasa until dinner time.

But in order to feel somewhat productive, I swung by the Home Hardware in Georgetown to pick up some paving stones to put as the base for our new shed (which will be constructed as soon as it stops raining for longer than a day).

Julie had instructed me to pick up 6 2'x2' paving stones to accommodate the larger shed we're going to build back there. No problem. I get to the store, find a helpful guy who gives me an order for the stones in the lumber yard. I pay for them, go out back and take a look at the gigantic paving stones that will never fit in my car, no way, no how. I saw the 18"x18" stones next to the 2'x2' stones and thought that they looked much more like the stones we have in our backyard.

So back into the store I go. I wait in line for a bit, ask for a change in the stones and get a bit of money back. Everything is hunky dory. I load up the car, drive the 20 minutes or so back to my house, unload the stones into the backyard... and realize that they are too small.

It turns out that Julie wasn't on crack and that I did indeed need 2'x2' paving stones after all. Sigh. I am most likely going to take them back this evening when the big car gets home, but I'm feeling a little too sheepish to drive back and return these stones at the moment after going through all of that rigamarole. That, and my precious day off is dwindling to almost nothing!

I could probably jury-rig some kind of spacing with the stones we have and the 18" ones, but I'm sure that no matter what I do it'll end up in tears if I try to cut corners. Oh well.

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