Monday, September 21, 2009

Kind Of Off This Week

Hey, what's this? After a solid month or more of being run off my feet, coming home at least a half hour or more late and generally adding liberally to my collection of gray hairs, I'm getting something slightly resembling a break from work this week. I'm off today and tomorrow anyway and Wednesday is Decastination Day (we hope). Then I'm heading off to the balmy climes of... Guelph... for a two-day conference.

That means I'm not going to have to be at work until, well, Saturday, but that's just for a couple hours and can almost be concidered fun. Yay!

Now, what should I read to relax?

Choice #1: Arkham Asylum: A Serious Place On A Serious Earth by the great Grant Morrison and Dave McKean


Choice #2: The Operation Of Small Drinking-Water Systems correspondence course guidebook by the always entertaining Ministry Of The Environment? Decisions, decisions.

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