Monday, September 14, 2009

Back To Civilization!

I'm back from my Manitoulin trip! Yay! I actually arrived last night, but between the 75 or so Gmail messages, updates on the boards, another 70+ or so 'real' e-mails, saying hi to the family and dishing out souvenirs, I haven't really had much time to have 'fun' on the computer yet.

By the way, Garrett needs to learn what a souvenir is. I made the mistake of bringing him home a Star Wars Happy Meal toy last year so once I'd finished giving him the plush snow owl and the Manitoulin hoodie I picked up this time around, he started looking around and asking where the souvenirs were. Sigh.

It's always scary to come home to the kids after a week away. Garrett seems about a foot taller each time and Kara... Kara's turned into a Stalin-esque dictator of the living room with a vocabulary that is at least 3 times larger than it was when I left. I just need to give her a riding crop and a giant mustache and she'll be marshaling the troops before we know it.

Well, I'll put my pics from the trip up tomorrow. I just gave blood tonight and am a little oogy still and don't want to break the internet with my photos.

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