Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's Great To Be Home

Well, we've finally made it back home after our sojourn to the Greater Sarnia Area. It was a lovely visit with both sets of grandparents but it's really nice to be back in Acton and, more importantly, our own beds.

Kara demonstrated her ingenuity over the past week by being able to climb out of her playpen and open the door to her room, which meant that during the week I was home and Julie was in Corunna, Kara didn't sleep until the wee hours of the night.

I spent most of the past week sitting in front of Kara's door holding the door shut with one hand while surfing the net on the lappy until she finally fell asleep. The sad thing is that last night, after yet another round of 'Lock Up Your Daughters!', I went into the room once she'd stopped crying and pulling on the door handle to find her asleep in her playpen.

Of course, that was last night... the last night we were in Corunna. Sigh. Who knows if she'd have stayed in the playpen tonight, but I like to think that she would have.

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