Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back To The Beginning

If you haven't followed my Twitter feed, you may have missed the news that I'm going back to my old role at my old job at my old house in a week or two. I've been doing a manager job for the last 3 months. It was a temporary gig and I was only there to keep the seat warm until they picked a new, permanent person for the position and, alas (or not), that person was not me. It's ok though. I loved the experience of being a manager and being able to pick my own hours, but I also missed the house that I've been working at the past 7 years and really am looking forward to heading back to that merry band of misfits. I mean, I went paintballing with them last week. I can't do that anywhere else!

In another kind of funny note, I'm going to be heading up to Paisley for the next 3 days for a work retreat. Yep, I'm heading back to where this whole crazy career of mine began: THE CONFERENCE CENTER. I'm sure they'll have lots of silly icebreakers for us to do and things to lecture us about, but I'm really just looking forward to letting the waves of nostalgia wash over me.

Oh, and I have a trunk literally stuffed to the brim with boardgames to play. I've got obscure German games and Apples To Apples and everything in between. If I can spend a majority of my free time playing games with random people and reading my book, I'll be happy. The only piece of electronics I'm taking up is my phone, so this will be almost like a videogame detox clinic!

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Jennifer said...

So how was the walk down memory lane? No beachway burgers anymore...