Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Is That Smell!?

We went to look at a house that's for sale right next to our friends. I was kind of intrigued as the owners had built in two massive fish tanks into a wall in the basement and while that seems to be a turn-off to a lot of prospective buyers, I was in love with it.

Unfortunately, the first thing the realtor said when we walked in was, "The place needs a bit of work." I'll say this. It made us feel a LOT better about the state of disarray our house was in. If this is what people who are trying to sell a house are willing to leave their house like, we're golden when it comes to selling ours.

And it stunk. Oh, lord, did it stink. It was like a wet dog rolled around in cat piss and was hiding in every room of the house. They have a cat but I've never smelled a house reek that badly and I've grown up with cats. I think the fact that they didn't even bother to light a smelly candle or febreeze the place made it worse. It's like they weren't even trying.

The fishtanks were filthy too. Lovely big fish and the tanks were pretty cool, but they were also coated in algae and slime. You'd think they'd maintain them better.

We're not planning to move anytime soon, so this was more of an excursion to see what houses were like and also to get an idea about how much work we'll need to put into ours to get it showroom ready. Of course, now Julie has the home shopping bug, so we'll see how soon I'll need to recruit some friends to help us move :)

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