Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Like New!

So today was a busy day. I was supposed to be spending at least a portion of this weekend tromping around in the woods with my former manager and a few coworkers doing some LARPing (Live Action Role Playing, for those scratching their heads).

Instead I spent the day hunched over my tub, inhaling fumes and fighting a horrific slime monster known as 9 year old mildewed caulking. Blech.

I think I'm more tired than if I spent the weekend in the woods.

The upside is that I've not only sealed the horror that is my bathtub and made it look like something you can comfortably invite strangers over to use, but I've also overcome my fear of caulk. I was responsible for the atrocity that was our bathtub because everything just glooped up when I tried to put it on and I had no idea what to do. This time, I got advice, spent time cleaning the area properly and had the right tools.

I'm not saying I'm going to quit my day job and spend the next 30 years going to sealant conventions, but it was nice to see that I could actually do this incredibly simple task and not mess it all up :)

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