Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Been A Slice... But I'll Be Back

So as I hinted at ages ago and have discussed a bit on Twitter, things are changing for me on the work front. Today is my final day working at the program I've been at for the past 6+ years and as of next Monday, I'll be continuing my Program Coordinator duties at a house a little further away. The upside is that I'll still be working with a lot of the same people I do now and the commute is a whopping 10 minutes instead of 5, but I'll manage.

It's weird though. I'd rather stay where I am but I think the change of scenery and new people to support/work alongside will be for the best. I'll hopefully pick up a few new tricks and it will make me appreciate what I've got at my "home" program even more when I come back early next year. And it has been almost embarrassing to see how much people (staff & the guys) have made me feel wanted and/or needed where I am now. They've really come out to back me up and I'll miss my crew while I'm gone.

That said, my schedule at the new place looks almost normal and I think I'll be much more relaxed at the end of each week, of only because I won't have to put in a million extra hours (I hope!).

Now to sit back and enjoy the upcoming weekend(s) and get ready for the new house on Monday.

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