Friday, December 31, 2010

All Good Things...

And as the year grows to a close, so too does our vacation here in the Greater Sarnia Area. We had a pretty great time this year, with lots of visits with family, some fun toboggan runs and lots of yummy food.

I was also happy to be able to actually see a couple of friends who I have missed the last few times we've come down here. I had a coffee at the old New Trish In location where I spent a few years bussing tables, washing dishes and serving yummy food. It was interesting to see how much the building had changed since it turned into a Coffee Culture shop and how much it stayed the same.

Last night, my buddy Tony & I went out to the local all-you-can-eat Chinese/Japanese place (it was surprisingly good for mediocre western-style Chinese food) and then saw the truly excellent True Grit in the truly uncomfortable Lambton 9 theatres.

As a final adieu to 2010, I'll leave you with this comic, which strikes far too close to home :)

Let's hope that 2011 treats us all even better than 2010 did and be safe out there!


Sanjeev said...

I dislike that comic for the exact same set of reasons. There are some topics that should be ignored. For sanity's sake.

On an unrelated note, this is one of the best-looking blogs I have ever seen! If you designed it yourself, great job!

Brock said...

I wish. It's a template, no more, no less. I did lay out the stuff on the side but the pics in the background are all thanks to Google/Blogger.

Sanjeev said...

Buuut, the point remains that hardly anyone produces similar quality results, even after being afforded the same set of tools. Heck, I have/had a blog, and it's always looked like crap.