Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Niko For Your Thoughts

So after 20 very freezing minutes spent standing in line last night before midnight, I was the proud owner of Grand Theft Auto IV. Woo! I didn't play a lot of it last night but what I have played was very, very good. The funny thing is that I spent almost all of the time last night (this morning?) watching the hilarious TV shows in Niko's apartment.

Let me get up on my soapbox for a second...

< soapbox >

I was floored at the number of kids at the midnight launch last night having their parents buying them copies of GTA IV.

I'm not talking about high school students. I'm talking about Grade 6-7 kids.

While I'm loving the game, it really got under my skin that these parents would buy this game for their kids. The best comparison I could think of was:

If you have no problem letting your kids watch Reservoir Dogs, then you'll probably have no problem with them playing GTA IV. If they're too young for Dogs, they're definately too young for GTA.

This is a game that will never, EVER be played when Garrett is around. It irks me that other parents don't seem to have a problem with exposing their kids to the level of very mature dialogue in the game. I'm not even talking about the violence... it's the dialogue that should get parents locking the game up and keeping it away from their kids.

< /soapbox >

All of that said, the dialogue, though vulgar at times, is hilarious and very well written. I'll be posting some impressions of the game once I've done more than, well, going bowling and watching TV, but it is a very good game so far.

Just keep it away from the kids!

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