Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's WAR Machine, Not WARM Machine... Sigh...


I'm really excited about seeing Iron Man. REALLY excited. What's even more exciting is that at least two of the guys at work are calling dibs on taking me to see it :)

Ug... that sounds so much more romantic than it should...

Anyway, I'm definately seeing it with the guys at work at some point over the next couple of weeks. The thing is, Garrett really wants to see it too. He's got a pile of Iron Man toys, loves playing the demo of the game I have on the 360 and almost goes into some kind of fit whenever the commercial for the movie comes on, he's that excited.

Now keep in mind that he already loves watching the Spider-Man movies and that Iron Man is all about guys in giant robot suits blowing each other up, so on that front, I think he'd love it.

On the other front, Julie keeps scowling at me whenever I broach the subject.

Ah well. I think I'll definately take him to see Speed Racer as that looks fun, but in a goofy, Spy Kids-esque kind of way. I might wait until I've seen Iron Man with the guys at work first. At least that way I can vet it and it would give me an excuse to see it for a third time to see if it meets the Spider-Man movie test, by which I mean it's as good as the second Spider-Man movie.

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