Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alas, Poor Robin

The robins came back again for yet another futile attempt to raise a family on our back porch railing. Much like in past years, none of the chicks made it to full-fledged birdhood but this year was the furthest I've ever seen any of them make it. We had 3 plump chicks out there in the nest a few days ago and then something (likely a cat or raccoon) got at the nest one night and there was only one chick left. As of yesterday evening, it was still alive and even had its eyes open, which is more than we've ever seen from the chicks in the nest before. Unfortunately, last night saw us suffer a cold snap and that along with the fact that we hadn't seen either of the adult robins for a few days likely spelled doom for the last chick. I checked it this afternoon and it was no more. An ex-robin. Hopefully this ever lengthening lifespan for the chicks in the nest will see us with a viable brood next spring. They used to be lucky to actually hatch. Now they were almost ready to fly.

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