Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Last night Garrett and I went down to the ACC to catch the live taping of Monday Night RAW.  It was a hoot and we both had a great time.  Our seats were surprisingly amazing, as we had figured that we'd be lucky if we were only up in the nosebleeds and instead we were essentially on the floor!

Here are a few of our pics from last night.  I was particularly impressed by the Damien Sandow impersonator on the subway and the amazing Daniel Brian puppet.  The Randy "Macho Man" Savage impersonator wasn't half bad either!

Scarfing down some pizza before the show starts.
 We were one step up from the floor.  Amazing seats.


Garrett was able to get a few signs up on TV during the crowd shots.


The boom camera rig was pretty cool and rolled right by in front of us.


 "YES! YES! YES!" This Daniel Bryan puppet respects the beard.

This guy had a fantastic Damien Sandow costume.

 You're welcome.
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