Sunday, September 23, 2012

Packing It In

Sorry for the lack of updates of late.  Not that I've been lighting the blog-o-sphere on fire this past year, but at least this month I've got a good excuse.

My new manager job is keeping me insanely busy. I wrapped up working 12 days straight as of Thursday and even then I had to run into work yesterday morning at 5am to take care of a minor emergency.  Sigh. 

A couple of weeks ago, I took Garrett to go see some wrestling action in Hamilton. He had a blast seeing the WWE crew do their thing live, even though it wasn't quite as fancy as on TV (no pyro).

And moving day is fast approaching.  I alternate between thinking that we've got everything that we can possibly pack already packed and then fearing that there's never going to be enough time to finish boxing up all of the detritus that is in this house of ours.  ARG!  3 more weeks and we'll be in our new place!

Julie's away next week on a business trip, so we'll see what kind of smoking crater is left upon her return.  I can give kids PB&J sandwiches, right?

More to come, but I'm going to go play more videogames.  Despite appearances, I barely get a chance to play these days and I need to go shoot some bad guys!

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