Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buggered For Choice: Spring Election Edition

Well, it's election season and I don't think I've felt more blasé about picking a leader for our glorious country. I have been thinking about how none of the candidates inspire me in the least, except to perhaps retch into a corner.

I think that it is a necessary election to have because the Conservatives have basically been flounting the laws of the land AND the niceties of Parliament in such a blatant manner that they need to be held accountable. Even if the outcome of the election is identical to what it is now, at least the Opposition showed that it could actually get its head out of its butt long enough to do its job.

Locally, I like the guy who is running for the Conservative seat and he at least brought some decent bills to the table over the last while, but I don't really want to vote for the Conservatives. The Liberals... the less said about them the better and the NDP have done so many backflips on principle and policy issues that they should be in Cirque De Soleil. As for the Greens, well, I haven't heard a peep out of them in any capacity since the last election so I'd rather not toss my vote into that black hole.

So there's my quandary. Do I vote for the guy who I actually like who is in our local riding despite not wanting to vote for the party he is a member of OR do I play a game of political spin-the-bottle and essentially waste my vote? Not voting is out of the question, but it feels like I'm being forced to make a kind of bizzaro political version of Sophie's Choice.

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Matt said...

I first read your headline as "Beggars for Choice". I thought it would be a good name for a advocacy group that hates the phrase "beggars can't be choosers."

Unfortunately, for your dilemma, I'm afraid I can't offer much insight... it seems to be a very common sentiment, except among the hardcore followers of the parties. It's only Day 2 though, perhaps a reason to vote for someone will present itself by the time May 2 rolls around. I can dream, can't I?