Sunday, July 11, 2010

Performing A Gazebectomy

About 10 minutes before my shift ended today, I got a call informing me that my gazebo had blown into the neighbour's yard.

"But I had it tied down to the fence!"

"Yeah, well, it's on top of the neighbour's gazebo. Are you coming home soon?"

I didn't realize how enmeshed the two gazebos (gazebi?) had become until I snuck into the neighbour's yard to try to get ours back. Suffice it to say, our gazebo had seen better days after its ride over the fence. At least 2-3 of the poles were bent at right angles and the plastic on the fittings was toast.

Here's all that's left of our once mighty and proud structure.

Thankfully there wasn't really any damage to the neighbour's gazebo and you wouldn't know that there was another gazebo on top of their's now that the sun has come out. Looks like it's time to get ourselves a proper grown-up gazebo instead of the flimsy tentpoles the old one had.

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