Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kevin Butler: Vice President Of Inspiration

The Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3 aka Mecca For Gamers (or is that M3cc4 4 G4M3rZ?) opened yesterday. There had been a few events and press conferences over the past couple of days but yesterday was Nintendo and Sony's chance to kick Microsoft around the curb with a couple of press conferences that actually talked about games instead of everything but.

As much as I enjoyed Nintendo's presser, the highlight of the day was Kevin Butler's awesome speech at the Sony press conference. For those who don't know who Kevin Butler is, he's the "Vice President Of [blank]" in the various Playstation 3 ads of late and probably the best spokesperson for gaming to come along in a long time.

Check out the video and see why it brings a digital tear to my cybernetic eyes...

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Matt said...

That was fantastic. I love e3.