Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tetrinimo Discrimination Video

This is a pretty snazzy music video about the poor plight of a group of Tetris blocks. Poor guys.

Speaking of games, I watched Stay Alive last night. Oh my... Now I know what people must feel like when their culture gets put through the Hollywood grist mill. 90% of the movie is bad gamer stereotypes and/or just plain wrong references to various videogames (yeah, I really remember the hyperblaster in Silent Hill 4 (it's in Silent Hill 1), or using the 30 man code to do whatever non-30 man code thing they did in the movie...).

And I love how a) they have Pac-Man videogame noises playing in the background whenever they go to the local EB and b) they have characters who look like this.

Frankie Muniz's character just pissed me off until right near the end. Yeah, the upside-down poker visor look is very typical amongst gamers.

And don't get me started on them playing on Alienware PC's with dualshock controllers.

The actual game aspect of the movie was somewhat interesting but sadly took a backseat to the cheesy teen horror movie aspect for the majority of the movie. It wasn't until right near the end that the game and real worlds started to merge and I have to say that, much like the 10 minute FPS sequence in Doom: The Movie, the last 10-15 minutes were worth watching... It's just a shame that I had to sit through the prior hour or so of crap.

So yeah. Don't rent Stay Alive unless you just want to laugh at how badly they got gamer culture (and games themselves) wrong or want to see a kind of cool end sequence.

The saddest part is that they had CliffyB, a somewhat notorious game developer and bigwig in the game community, as a consultant on the whole videogame aspect. You'd think he could have at least tried to tell them how lame half the stuff was in the movie. Sigh.

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